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Estate Planning

Estate planning is often thought of as the elderly creating a last Will and Testament to dispose of assets upon death with minimum taxation. While that is certainly a part of any good estate plan, there is much more to it.

Estate Administration

We are able to provide you and your family with professional guidance after the loss of a loved one. Whether probate or trust administration, we work closely with fiduciaries, financial advisors, and other professionals to ensure the efficient collection and transfer of wealth as well as resolution of conflict.


Sometimes disputes don’t fall into neat little categories. Life is complicated and that legal disputes can arise in unexpected places. Whether it be a breached contract, property that is purchased with misrepresentations, or one of life’s countless other complications, disputes can end up in court.

Real Estate

Whether a basic residential property sale or a complex commercial sale, our office supports buyers and sellers in what is often the largest single transaction of their lives. We immerse ourselves in the details of a transaction to help create a smooth process from offer to closing. In the event a dispute arises, we work tirelessly to protect your investment.

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